How Do I Tag Beats with Story Elements in Outline View?

Beats tagged with story elements in Outtine view will also be tagged on the Plot Board.

  1. Navigate to the Outline view by clicking on ‘Outline’ in the center of the top bar, or with the keyboard shortcut ‘Option + Shift + Cmd + B.’
  2. Click on the beat you want to tag.
  3. Click on the hashtag icon ‘#’ or type ‘#’ (’Shift + 3’ in the US) to open the story elements pop-up window.
  4. You can select the story element by using the search bar at the top or
  5. Use the down arrow ↓ to move to the element you want to tag.
  6. Use the right arrow → to tag the beat with that element. Use the right arrow → again to untag the element
  7. You can also tag the currently selected element and close the window by hitting ‘Return’
  8. To close the window without tagging anything, click away or hit ‘Esc’