Backing Up Your Script

Backing Up Your Script

With Arc Studio Pro, your script is always safe. It is automatically saved both locally and to the cloud. Let us show you how to set up Arc Studio for maximum safety in this product guide.


Online & Offline Work

Arc Studio Pro is cloud-first and automatically syncs all changes to our servers. Look out for the green checkmark on the top right-hand corner of your screen to be sure that everything was saved.

Arc Studio Pro supports working offline seamlessly. All changes are kept locally and synced when you go back online.

Local Back-Up

It is possible and recommended to set up local backups in the desktop app, especially when working offline.

To do so, go to your account settings from the desk and scroll to the “automatic backups” section and click “choose local backup directory”.


After clicking “Choose backup directory”, select the folder within which you would like your files to be saved.

💡 Note: local backups are available only from the desktop app.

Google Drive Back-Up

It is possible to set up automatic cloud backups through Google Drive. To do so, go to your account’s settings from the desk.

After clicking “Connect Google Drive”, authorize Arc Studio Pro to access your Google Drive, and choose a Drive location to automatically back up your script files. The Google Drive directory will now appear in your Automatic Backups.


Extra Safety

In addition to local and drive backups, Arc Studio Pro backs up your files internally for extra data safety.


  • Data Encryption: Data is encrypted in transit and encrypted at rest, but not end to end encrypted.
  • Access to Data: If you encounter a problem or want us to recover data that you deleted, we always ask for permission to access any scripts first. We will never access your scripts without permission.
  • Strong Privacy Policy: We only process data to offer our services and customer support. No data mining nor targeted ads. We don’t sell your data to third-parties neither. Check out our privacy policy to learn more.
  • Working Offline on Browser: Browser supports offline work, but not backups, so we don’t recommend working in the browser for extended periods of time while offline.


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