Receiving and managing feedback

Receiving and managing feedback

Arc Studio Pro makes sharing your script incredibly easy, and the feedback you receive will be kept both in a central location for easy organization and access as well as inside your script itself (as margin notes).

There are two ways to share your work and invite others to comment:

  1. A shareable review link: We create a page where people can read and comment on your script. In order to comment, people will need to be logged into an Arc Studio Pro account.
  2. Invitation by email: Just enter a reviewer’s name and their email address and we will email them a unique link with which they can access your script. They do not need to create an account with this method.

For both methods, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the review sidebar
  2. Click “New” on top
  3. Select the segment you want to share: The full screenplay, the current selection, or the outline
  4. Add a context, to make it easier for your reader to find their way into the script
  5. Select how you want to share the review, either as link or as email and fill in the necessary data (you can give a review link a name to differentiate between different links and give your reviewer additional context)

If you create a sharing link, feel free to share it with groups if you want to do so: Reviewers will only be able to see their own comments and your replies to their comments, not the feedback of others.

As you continue writing, the script you shared will remain the same, so feel free to continue working while you’re waiting for feedback.

Once your readers have concluded their review, you will be able to see their comments inside your scripts, both in the comments sidebar, as well as as margin notes.

You can mark comments as resolved, or reply to ask for clarifications.

Once you incorporated their feedback into your script, you can send a re-request: We will send them the same segment as before but highlight the changes that happened in the meantime, so that they can comment on the sections that have been edited instead of reading the whole script again.


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