How Do I Change Advanced Settings for Searching and Replacing?

  1. Press CMD + F (Windows: CTRL + F) or click the magnifying on the right side of screen.
  2. Enter search terms
  3. Click "advanced settings" to customize what you are searching for and replacing.
    1. Match Case: Only words or partial words in the SAME CASE will be selected when this feature is turned on.
      1. For example, "RENE" will not be selected if I search for 'Rene'
    2. Match whole words only: Only whole words will match.
      1. For example, "Rene" will not be selected if I only search for "Ren"
    3. Preserve Case on Replace: Will preserve the original case in the script when you replace a word.
      1. For example, if I am replacing "RENE" with "Ronnie", the replace function will replace "Ronnie" to RONNIE in the script
    4. Elements: The script will search and replace words in the toggled elements
  4. Click "back" or on empty space in the dialogue to return to the find and replace screen.



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