How Do I Edit Offline?

Editing offline is only meant for the app, not the browser version. With the browser version, offline editing is only meant for intermittent connectivity issues.

  • Before editing offline, be sure to start a script while you are online and set up a local backup location on your computer.
How Do I Back Up My Files Locally?
  • You are able to open any scripts that are already created while you are offline and edit seamlessly with no problems.
    • While you are editing you will see a red cloud in the upper right hand corner. This means that all of your changes are being saved locally and not through the cloud.
    • image
    • When you go back to your 'desk' you will see "unsynced changes" next to the script you have made changes to
    • image
  • When you reconnect to internet, you can refresh your app and click the red cloud. Your changes should sync to our servers and you will see a green check mark.
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